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The Old Catholic Church was first called the Ancient Catholic Church as it traces its roots from the early Christian Church to the mission to the low lands of Europe (now the Netherlands) by St. Willibrord in the 700s. Old Catholics have held to the model of the early church where all bishops are equal and no bishop is higher than another.   As Old Catholics, we hold to the same seven sacraments of the Catholic Faith.  We use the Nicene creed as our statement of faith and recognize 7 ecumenical councils of the church (1st Council of Nicea-325; 1st Council of Constantinople-381; 1st Council of Ephesus-431; Council of Chalcedon-451; 2nd Council of Constantinople-553; 3rd Council of Constantinople-680 and the 2nd Council of Nicea-787).  The individual's primacy of conscience in ethical matters is stressed. Private confession is not mandatory, though it is practiced, and decisions regarding the use of artificial contraception are individual and discretionary. While Old Catholics affirm the Real Presence of Christ in the eucharist, Old Catholics do not emphasize transubstantiation as the sole dogmatic explanation for this presence. Old Catholics generally refrain from using filioque and deum de deo clauses in the Nicene Creed and also reject a dogmatic understanding of Purgatory; however, Old Catholics generally do recognize purification by Christ's grace after death and include prayers for the dead in their liturgy and devotions.

We are an Old Church for the modern day!

Who is welcome in the Old Catholic Church for full participation?

 The Old Catholic Church welcomes all to full participation in the life and

sacraments of the church. We are a church of inclusion not exclusion. 

People of all walks of lifes journey are welcome;

 straight, gay, woman, man, child, adult and elderly,

any race or income level is welcome. Jesus stated: I came that they may

have life and life to the fullest. The witness of Jesus was that of presence

 to the rich and poor, the common citizen and the outcast

-should we do less? No!

Is the Old Catholic Church under the Pope of Rome?

            The Old Catholic Church since 1871 is no longer under the Pope of Rome who leads the ROMAN Catholic Church not the OLD Catholic Church. The Old Catholic Church is Ultrajectine. Ultrajectine thought rejects papal infallibility and holds to the belief that only the Church in Ecumenical Council may speak infallibly. Old Catholics in Europe are unionized where several national Catholic Churches (Holland, Switzerland, Germany and now other countries) have banded together under a presiding Bishop with a governing body comprised of clergy and laity.  Each country has a bit different model of governance but is unified on matters of faith and polity.

            In the United States each Old Catholic jurisdiction is independent. Some jurisdictions are multi-state with a presiding bishop and several diocesan bishops while others are smaller and less formalized.  To be a true OLD Catholic community, the jurisdiction must trace apostolic succession through valid Old Catholic Episcopal lines and some have also included the addition of valid Episcopal lines from other national Catholic churches such as through the Catholic Apostolic Church which originated in Brazil both of these can trace valid apostolic succession back to the Early and Roman Catholic Church. Old Catholic Churches in the United States are usually not part of the Union of Utrecht but adhere to the theology, nature and mission of that body of Old Catholics.



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